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Canada first harvest

Hey there, thought I’d share a video of my first Flow harvest.
Please excuse the quality/shaking it was a spur of the moment with phone recording only.


NOTE: I know I’m honey-bound, am going back in tomorrow to add another super on and extract the rest.


Thank you for sharing! :grin:

Very nice!!

Just curious, doesn’t draining your Flow frames solve your problem of being honey-bound, since you’d reset them & your bees can reseal & refill now? Only issue I would see with that is possibly your honey season is over or nearly so in your area.

Also, please correct me if I’m wrong - I thought honey-bound refers to the situation when the bees have overfilled brood areas with nectar & the queen has nowhere to lay eggs…

Anyway, fun to see your harvest, thanks! :blush::+1:

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In my case I should’ve used a better term and said “full”. Honey bound really does mean that workers put too much honey in the brood chambers and block out the queen from laying properly. However since my hive is so full this would be the inevitable outcome, or I would get a swarm.

I don’t think draining the frames would help in my case as I just have too many bees for the hive at this point and they literally “overflow” even in bad weather. I’ve already added another super to compensate. Oddly enough they don’t seem to want to swarm at all.

Gotcha. Interesting about how crowded yet content they are. I’m still a newbeek so please forgive my questions :sweat_smile: