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Capped brood, no honey

Hey guys,
Did an inspection today, has been a strong hive with plenty of numbers. Was checking weekly once we came out of winter untill recently we haven’t checked it in a month due to personal reasons. Did move the hive 20metres 3 weeks ago, seemed to have adapted well from a distance without opening. We have a brood box with a super. However, upon inspection today there was no honey uncapped or capped however there was brood and no real sign of swarm/queen cells. They are always quite an aggressive hive. Didn’t spot the queen but also didn’t look very hard. I’m lost at what is going on, any suggestions? Thanks again Brooke

Hi @Brooke,

What about pollen? Do they have any stores of it? Bringing it in at all?
Since they do not have a source of nectar, the only way is to feed them. If you do not want to stimulate any activities like brood rearing or comb building (need source of protein), one or two kg of sugar in thick syrup (2:1) will sustain them for a while. After that just see what happens next.