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Clean Out Dead Flow Hives Before New Nucs?


Read it over a few times, it might come to you.

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Hi @greekbecky Becky, I think you are mistaken about Gerry’s comment. He is a real gentleman and the ultimate encourager of younger beekeepers.
He has an idiosyncratic style of communicating but I’m sure he was simply trying to say he thought others had offered you good advice and that it would be easier to help if you were able to provide more information about your location and possibly photos as well. I am quite sure he was not being sarcastic or rude. It is easy to read words a certain way when we don’t know people well, however Gerry is well-known on this forum as a kind and generous man, always keen to give encouragement when people are having difficulties.


I’m also confused, I agree with Cathie. Jerry is a thorough gentleman & I doubt he’d intentionally be rude to anyone.


@greekbecky, hi Becky, I did just scroll up and see you posted a number of photos and also in an earlier post, said you lived in Rochester, NY. Perhaps Gerry did not read the whole thread and that is what caused the offence? I’m sure he did not intend to offend you, even so.
One thing I want to add is that Napisan contains sodium hypochlorite so it is more a bleaching agent than a laundry soap or detergent. I’m not sure which product in the US is equivalent.