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Cleaning up frames in sub zero climate

I left it too late in the season to draw any honey from the flow frames so bought the supers into the house to deal with later.
Well that was October. Had a very busy winter so with all the snow and have only just started on the flows today.
Question :- what is recommended for cleaning up the frames after I’ve got the honey out?
At first I thought I’d run them through hot water but now I’m thinking just put them back onto their original brood boxes in the spring.
Thanx in advance,
Phil Clark.
Ontario, Canada


If there is no crystallized honey in the frames, I would just put them back on the hives. If you think there is crystallized honey in them, I would soak or rinse them in hot water until you have got it out. That way you avoid it seeding your next harvest and turning it solid faster. :wink:


Thank you. I had never thought of the crystals “seeding” the next lot of honey. Great advise, thanx again.


Awesome advice, Dawn!

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