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Cockroach control


Hi Dawn , i have borax powder how do we apply it ?
Many thanks

Mark and Kate Fitzmaurice


For controlling roaches? I use it for ants too, hence the question. :blush:

For roaches, I sprinkle it liberally around edges of walls of the house etc. Roaches like to run along walls for safety. If they run through the borax, they take it home with them, and eventually the nest will die.

Do not put it inside the hive, it will kill bees if they try to remove it.



Few months ago there are so many cockroaches are roaming in my house then one of my friends suggest me to use boric acid to get rid of them. Then I have used the boric acid and what i have found is that it is highly toxic to roaches. Get the food-grade version of diatomaceous earth and sprinkle a layer of it near roach-infested areas. The powder will stick to the roaches and kill them by piercing the insect’s exoskeleton.


Thanks for bringing this topic to life again. I recently started catching them alive again after a long break. Their numbers dropped right down. I guess they hibernated during winter. Now the numbers are really building up. All I do is place 2 saucepans containing slumgum in my honey room with the lids nearby. Before I go to bed, I duck out, then put the lids on. The butcher birds are enjoying them again. Last night there was around 30 in one saucepan, about 5 in the other.


This is one of our regular Pied Butcher Bird visitors, about to eat one of the cockroaches.

He’s looking a bit scruffy at the moment because he’s changing color. The juvenile grey/brown feathers are being replaced by the adult black ones.