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Collecting Honey from Flow Frames


Are there any specifications on building a honey collection jar, lid and tube? Bees are attracted to hives and will start robbing if there is any smell or signs of honey. I would like to have some options for when my Flow Frames arrive in December?


Hi Peter, the best advice I could offer is to collect the honey during good weather & during a honey flow. If the bees are flat out bringing honey in, they wont notice the honey being collected at the rear of the hive. A good test would be to put a saucer with some honey on it around the back of the hive to see how long it takes for the bees to find it. Getting back to your question, you can have a flexible hose going into a glass jar with a plastic cover over it like you’ll see in the more recent Flow video.


There are a few pictures in our gallery that show a couple of options:


I bet there will be lots of different way to extract but this was informative. I was happy to get the bit dimensions for the holes. I;ll be using gallon glass jars, but the hoses will get the same treatment as Harry’s did.

Continuing the discussion from Pics of the Flow frame in action:



You’ll have to note the OD of the tubing you use. I could only find this pressure tubing quickly when I needed to build the collection vessel. There should be thinner 1" tubing out there that will work just fine. Based on what I saw, I highly recommend having the tubing snug into a lid of some sort on the collection vessel.


Tubing didn’t come with frames?


Each frame comes with the short rigid tube you see in the videos. I added the flexible tubing to go to the bucket on the ground.


Got it. You got longer tubes to facilitate placement of the container.


Hi this is all new to me but very excited to try it. I am just starting with my 6 yr old grandson who is a natural at it by the way.


Kids are pretty good at spotting queens, I find


you can’t go wrong with Pooh on your bucket :wink:


David goes out in his little bee suit and gets right into working with the bees. I thought he would be afraid of them but he isn’t. I can’t wait until we can try the flow frames. I think this is really going to inhance our experience in bee keeping. I love to try new things anyway. I helped my Dad when I was young but didn’t have much encouragement in continuing this so I am now 72 and starting over hopefully with a real interested young man to help me.


Got three frames with this collection


That looks like an Amazon box… “Alexa, inspect hive and drain capped frames!” :smile: