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Comb spanning frames



Here are 2 pictures of comb spanning frames in my second brood box. The frames are “combed” together and the only way to separate them would be to destroy the comb and spill a bunch of honey that would ooze and drip into the brood box below. The frames are all pushed as close together as possible so I don’t think it’s a bee space issue. The hive seems to otherwise be doing very well. Opinions?


If you have cross combing, I would suggest you remove that super, place it over an upside down migratory lid, then remove each frame, trying to straighten the comb as best you can so that each comb sits within the parameters of the frame.

I assume you are using foundationless frames. I’m tempted to advise you to use properly fitted wax foundation in the future. But I wont because it’ll be the third time today.

All I can say is: “do the best you can”


When you separate the frames, you will see that only the upper couple of inches (at most) are combed together. The comb is usually very soft and won’t have a huge amount of honey in it. Depending on the time of year, there may be some drones in it, and of course you will lose those, but it won’t hurt the hive.

I have dealt with this a lot of the years, and I just lift the frames. You have to be a bit careful, so that the protruding comb doesn’t tear the face of the frame comb as you lift. However, Langstroth boxes have gaps at the outer edges, so you can just shift the edge frame into that gap, and then lift without damaging the comb face. Some people tidy up that bridging comb with a hive tool. I usually leave it, as the bees just rebuild it. However if I need wax, for example for priming new Flow frames, I scrape it off into a ziplock bag and save in the freezer.


Hi Brick, if the comb is only connecting the top of the frames, no worries. Scrape it off. You can get this, foundation or not.
I am sold to foundationless, it’s just more natural. And not a drama at all if you are prepared to watch and act the first couple of weeks building.
Also never had drones more than 5%. Glad to see some in spring. Healthy hive.
Cheers from Byron.


If its just bridge comb, only joined across the wood frame level, just scrape it off. If you have cross comb then it needs to ge straightened.



Thanks to all. I will inspect again over the weekend and be more aggressive in separating the frames. I’ll try to take some pictures. Yes, I’m am totally foundationless.