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Combs in the roof of box


Has anyone experienced their bees building combs in the roof of the box? How can this be prevented? Oops I have missed introducing myself. I’m a newbie to beekeeping and waiting to purchase a nuc. Very excited about my long awaited bee family.


Lots of people (not just Flow hive owners) have seen this. The way to prevent it is to keep the bee space correct. If your inner cover has a hole in it, cover it with a tile, a feeder or wire mesh. If you use a migratory roof, you may not need anything, but the Australians seem to like a vinyl mat with a gap around the outer edge of it, laid directly on the frame top bars. If your inner cover is bee-tight, you shouldn’t have comb in the roof. :blush:


Hi Dawn, thank you I like the idea of mesh, I assume the space in the roof is to allow air flow. This was put to me by someone who might provide bees, he claimed the bees didn’t like the plastic comb, so if I can avoid this issue than that’s great.
thanks again.


The hole in the Flow inner cover is to allow for a feeder on top of the inner cover. The attic space in the roof is a design quirk, in my humble opinion. If you buy a “gabled roof” from other suppliers in the US, they often close off that space with a flat “ceiling” to avoid the crazy comb option. No doubt those other roof types are heavier, but perhaps they save a little beekeeping intervention. :smile:


Thanks muchly, I have lots to learn, I’m eagerly awaiting the end of winter


You mean like this?

This was a feeder that had floats. It’s generally a bad idea to let bees have access to any space where you don’t want comb. It’s especially bad when they are a new package or a swarm and the space is at the top. They start at the top and work down, so if they decide the top is in the roof… then you end up with a lot of comb there and often the brood nest there.

A brick over the hole is easy. Stapling screen wire or #8 hardware cloth over the hole will also work.



Dawn has given you three great options n ideas for keeping bees out of all hive attics. I use the wire mess/screen method to keep a bit of ventalation as well. All my crown boards are notched as well. The notch I’ll use as a winter too entrance n remove all the screens I have taped into position.

I also make sure the roofs are pulled forward to to block airflow thru the notch. Some bees will occasionally go in thru the notch but since it’s screened quickly give the idea that its Spring/Summer access.

Don’t you find this forum very help ? I know I pick up great ideas n tips to think about n often incorporate all the time.

Good luck n happy beekeeping,



tanks so very much for the pix Gerald. it looks great.