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Complements to the Flowhive team!


Hey fellow beekeepers, and Flowhive team.

So after less than a year from start-up, have received and installed my 3 units.
At first glance must say the quality is excellent. After installing and handling them for a bit, stick to my first impression. Complements to the quality and informative instructions.

Being an ex machinist toolmaker, know all too well what must’ve been involved at getting an idea like this to market as quick as you did. Again good work.
Because my hive boxes may have been a bit different, had to make a few modifications to fit mine. I did use the initial cutting instructions from the online PDF, which saved a lot of time.
One small irk is the flow pipes are a very tight a fit into the flow holes. I may look for a flexible clear hose to replace them.

Having had my brood boxes full of bees for a few months, now do think the southern hemisphere folk would benefit most from having them first.
So again to the folk at Flowhive, Good Work.

Again may thanks for. what looks like a quality product
PS. Photos are in the modification thread Beehive mods to suit flow hive


Finally a positive comment for the flow team, well done onrbikes, pics are good. :slight_smile:
Look and learn people…


how do you get the pictures?




Have you got the flow tubes in the right way? I initially thought the little protruding lip was the pour spout. Putting them in that way was very tight. Then I realized the little protruding lip goes in first and down. It fills that little gap that was left for the last bits of honey to flow back into the hive.

I’m guessing the rings on the pour end are for gripping added tubing.


Hey A

Now that makes sense.
I see now the little nib fits in at the bottom of the flow hives.
Fits very easy and neat.

Now I gotta say these flowhives are faultless.