Assembly and documentation of my Flow Hive(pic heavy) with all my gripes

Well after a year I finally received my flow hive and just in time as we have had 2 swarms this week. I was excited but ultimately disappointed as others in the quality and how they aligned with expectations. I am an engineer, and product designer, and woodworker and a person that appreciates innovation. I will let the photos and commentary speak to my feelings and hope that it will spur improvement. Based on the response I have already received Flow is more than willing to take care of things, but I have already incurred the cost of assembly and inconvenience to get something I needed done. In any case, the process and pictures.

Since I cannot attach more than 1 picture, I have posted them to a new blog I started ( so I could post them).

All in all its just problem after problem. With paying good money I expect a well manufactured product that matches the innovation of the flow frames.
With wind, winter and pests, I need things to be pretty tight. I will likely implement a roof latch as I usually put a cinder block on the roof to keep the Langstroth caps from flying off.
I thought finger joint boxes were one of the most simple to implement but looks like I was wrong. Fasteners need to be wood fasteners. Roof needs an strong interlock or more fasteners and pilot holes need better registration and through-panel poke 100%. Removable windows need more draft and guide in or remove the finger joints on that feature completely.

G’day Mike, I see you have a few issues there. One query I have after viewing your photos is the wooden latches under the springs. I see they are cut across the grain. I thought they would be stronger if the grain went the other way. That’s just the way I see it.

I’m not a flow customer but I’ve seen quite a few & so far most of the customers seem quite happy. One bloke had major issues so he sent Flow a long email & got a reply within an hour. He’s very happy about that.

Just FYI, Rebate is Australian and British English for Rabbet. :wink:

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If you have received a badly fitting kit please email Flow from their contact page - and include your order number or the email address you used when you first ordered.

Please also include any photos of the damaged piece/s. That will just save time.

No reason in the world to live with problems!


Yes so far I am working though the system and responses seem quick so that is not a major concern. I just hate to build things twice and I also hate the idea of wasting anything. Thanks for the commentary all.

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