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Convert Flow Hive to horizontal


It will be interesting to read your update and to see pics Jack. My gut feeling is the long time before capping may be because of the lower temperature in the flow hive because of the brood not being under it so less temp and air flow and so it could take a longer time to evaporate the water from the honey, but I could also be wrong.:grinning:


I pick up 2 nucโ€™s on Sunday from JeffH


For me, since the honey super was above the brood, this could not have been the issue in the length of time.

In my horizontal setup, there might be less air flow, but there are more vents



Itโ€™s working fine. The bees have built some comb in the wall cavity, but as I thought, they were clever enough not to block access to the Flow Frames/honey store.

I realised after that, since the boxes are not on top of each other, they can be different sizes. I could have used a standard 10 frame box for the brood box, rather than sticking to 8 frame size, which would have been better, as I could have used a standard lid and modified bottom board (to trap shb). I had to change a 10 frame modified bottom board to 8 frame size.

I also realised after, that I could have kept the viewing window and just cut a smaller hole, or slit for the bees to travel between boxes. Even cutting the right size so the workers could fit through, but not the queen (or drones), thus not needing to put a queen excluder, a cut down old thin plastic one, between the two boxes.

With the standard lids I use, there is not enough room for bees between the Flow frames and the lid, so I worked out I could use the original inner from the Flow hive lid (see pic), or an 8 frame size propolis mat.

best wishes


I think I forgot to say, itโ€™s very beautiful, especially compared to mine!