Creating hives more like bees do in the wild but adding flow frames

Hi. I have been using Flow Frames in a 2 deep (brood) langstroth hive for 3 years. Works well but the heavy lifting for inspections is driving me nuts. I’ve been studying more about how the bees live in the wild, as in tree cavities, either vertical or horizontal and building their own comb. I am interested in building my own hive to mimic nature. Any thoughts on how to add the flow frames in to that puzzle. Think a vertical hive is best allowing the bees to build comb downward as long as they want (maybe up to 3+ feet). Would probably want a side door to be able to pull brood frames out from the side for inspections they would be too long to pull out the top. Looking for people thoughts or if anyone has already tried this. Maybe also anyone that has tried the Flow Frames on a Warre or Long Lang or Top Bar hive.

There are threads on the subject of long lang hives is you click on the magnifying glass & search the subject.

Have you thought about using only one brood box? Also you could consider removing 1/2 the flow frames before removing the flow super. That will also make it easier to separate the super from the QX.


Perhaps a Slovenian hive is along the lines of what you have in mind?

Hi Alan, the link to ‘Tales From the Hive’ fails, a breach of copyright apparently.
I like the idea of Jeff’s with a long flow hive and there is lots of reading and pics about it already.

This link might work.

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