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A did have a rather expensive ( I saw on arrival it was also made in China) over $150 but I ran over it with the tractor so I bought a cheap off Amazon AU only because I could get it quicker. Same as eBay but eBay ones all come direct from China and can take months. Check the delivery date to see if its local stock.
You need it to read 10-35% water which also reads 58-90% Brix …don’t get caught with the grape wine ones. something like

Be careful it is addictive.
I don’t use it in espresso I don’t want anything to interfere with the caffeine hit :grinning:
I use Moccona instant coffee ( i think Morocco blend… the stronger one anyway) one teaspoon coffee,one teaspoon honey, milk to taste and fill with boiling water. If you are clever you get the jar which is just crystallising, get heaped teaspoon of honey and in the mouth to take the top off :wink:
then in the cup.

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Hi Ruttneri, my video shows a simple test to show ripe honey vs unripe honey. For me it’s either ripe or unripe.

If you feel your honey is unripe, you can use it just the same as ripe honey. Just store it in the freezer. Then what you take out to use, store in the fridge as you’re using it. The fridge will stiffen it up & it wont ferment if you use it within a couple of weeks. The frozen unripe honey wont ferment. That’s what I do because I wont mix unripe honey with the honey I sell.

I totally agree that honey does nothing for coffee. It’s nice in tea or lemongrass tea. I make ginger syrup with my home-grown ginger. That goes well in coffee & it’s what I use to sweeten my 43 bean coffee.


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I tried that, with Moccona “Indulgence”. Still didn’t feel just right. Probably because I am just used to drink black espresso with no sugar.

That refractometer IS cheap @ $26… and JeffH’s even cheaper. So far I managed to do with out one, just relying on the assumption that capped honey is ripe. I never had honey ferment and the oldest jar I have is two and a half years old which just started to crystallise. The kids like it even more.

That is something new. I have to try it. Shame ginger doesn’t grow well here in Perth.

In a blank minded moment I bought a refractometer but after using it few times it only confirmed that the honey I was extracting from capped cells was indeed ripe. I still have the refractometer in one of the two boxes I have of bee keeping junk :grin:

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Jeffs cold water method is good. Gives you ripe honey or unripe. I use it when I first start jarring up the buckets. It is quick and easy. Later I do the refactometer readings
I guess I just to have the quantitative figures comparing one year to the next and being a spreadsheet man I had to have a refactrometer to measure exactly the water content to enter in the spreadsheet.

I grew wine grapes in an another life and a refactometer was a must to show when the sugar content was up high enough to pick the grapes. Much different scale though.

Edit: this reply is to @Ruttneri

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Hi Ruttneri, I think ginger would grow well in a hot house or something like that. Getting way off topic now, keeping it brief.

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