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Crystallised honey in flow frames...how to extract?

How do flowies deal with crystallised honey in the flow frames? Extracted this frame yesterday. 1kg of honey out which was well below our expected amount. Pulled the frame today and over half the frame is full of crystallised honey. Weather is nice and warm so probably couldn’t ask for better conditions to extract. All I can see to do is soak the frame in hot water to remove the crystallised honey and clean out the frame. Any advice out there?

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Could you put it in a slightly warm oven (45-50°C) with a bowl or tray underneath with the cells open? I’d make sure the oven isn’t actually on so the plastic doesn’t get any hotspots.

Or maybe you could do the same by wrapping most of the frame in a black plastic bag and putting it in the sun.

Be careful you don’t exceed 70°C anywhere on the plastic!

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A solution… I placed the frame in a clear plastic tub with a clear lid in the sun. The heat built up in the tub (up to 65 degrees) has softened the honey (and wax) and the honey is running out when I crack the frames. Thanks to everyone for the feedback. It will be interesting to see if the extracted honey quickly recrystallises.


Hi Dale, that’s a great outcome. It wont matter if the extracted honey quickly crystallizes & it probably will. The main thing is that it’s out of the frame. You can store it in small jars so that it will quickly decrystallize out in the sun or in a dish of hot water


Crystalised honey returns to liquified honey at 40-50°C or so, so nice trick.

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