Cycling out a frame

I have a frame with wonky comb. I want to cycle it out of the hive. A few months ago I moved it to the edge of the brood box. Last time I checked a couple of weeks ago it still had brood in it.

What is the best way to get it out of the hive, with least casualties as possible, so that I can take the comb out and reuse the frame.


Cycle it into the super. If you are using an excluder watch for drones getting trapped. I’d place it in the middle of the box and harvest it when full of honey then you can make adjustments.

It’s a full Flow hive, so I can’t.

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I’ve never tried to fit a non flow frame into my flow super. It won’t fit?
You could remove one of the flow frames and do it?

If that’s not an option, leave it on the edge and come winter when the brood area shrinks you’ll be able to remove it

You can remove one flow frame from the middle & place it there. Then move the rest of the flow frames across to the brood frame, leaving a small gap on either side. If any flow frames are empty of honey, remove one of them. If the flow frame you remove contains honey, wrap it in plastic, then freeze it.

This is a situation where one traditional hive is handy, even if it’s only a resource hive.

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Hi Jeff that will work but the frame will have to propped up on the key entry end and the gaps taped up so the bees don’t escape at the rear. Unless off course the rear inspection cover is left on for the duration.


Apologies for appearing to ignore your replies. I had a very stressful and serious pet emergency which is still ongoing, so no time to reply.

Yes to fit a standard frame in a flow super it needs to be propped up. I need to check by how much so I can prepare a block of wood.

This will be my first crush and strain once full of honey.

I agree Jeff. I was planning on another hive and I think it will be a traditional Langstroth this time for the reason you mentioned.

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Hi Olly, no problems at all. The amount that the end needs propping up is not much at all, just enough so that the frame doesn’t bottom out on the QX. Maybe 1 or 2 bits of paddle pop stick or a piece of thick cardboard is all that would be required.

Sorry to read about your pet emergency. I hope it gets resolved for the better.