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Dealing with cross comb + inspection of the swarm Jarli caught

Jarli caught a swarm recently! He’s just six years old, so I was quietly impressed! But he does come from a beekeeping family and has been obsessed since he was tiny so I shouldn’t be surprised. We have a lot of hives at Cedar’s and the office, so despite us keeping a close eye on them, the odd swarm does happen.

This week Cedar inspected the hive Jarli’s swarm now lives in and showed viewers how to deal with cross comb, while answering live Q & As…

Enjoy folk :slight_smile:

Here’s the recording:

And the transcript:

While it’s admirable to want to let the bees build their own comb, it make life so much easier (especially for new beekeepers) to let the bees start off with frames fitted with foundation.