Deep frame end panels - u-shaped slot not centered

Assembling first FH2+ and I just noticed that the u-shaped slot at the top of the end panel of the deep frame is not centered. This makes one side larger than the other.

Any issues with this in terms of frame spacing in the brood box?

Do I need to make sure to match the size on each side of the frame? Or is it ok that they are different on either end?

I’m (10) frames in and just noticed this so I’m hoping it’s no big deal but figured I’d ask.


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It shouldn’t make much of a difference. It may be good to have the wider side on the same side for both end bars so at least the top bar is straight, even if wider gap on one side than the other.

The bees will only draw out the comb far enough so that they can still have bee space.

You might want to review whether you want to use foundation or not - there are a lot of opinions - I think if you’re just starting out, having foundation will give you one less thing to worry about.

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I wouldn’t worry about it. I use frames that come from the same factory & I’ve only just noticed the same thing since reading this post. There is plenty of leeway when it comes to frame spacing. For example: I like to use 9 frames in 10 frame supers for brood boxes as well as honey supers, with about a 3-4 mil. gap between the shoulders.

You could quite well get pedantic about something like this, then mess it up by going foundationless. I agree with @chau06 in relation to giving foundation a go. However foundation is not a guarantee that everything will be sweet.

Even with foundation we need to make sure that the bees haven’t messed things up, which can happen.


Looks like you just need to turn one piece around. Looking at them they look the same just opposite way around :slightly_smiling_face: