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Didn't put super on in time, underside of roof now has comb


I’m pretty sure that the roof will not fit on top of the super now. What should I do? Squish it down? Scrape out the comb and then put the super in and the roof on top of it? What should I do with the scraped-out comb?
Just leave it near the hive for the bees to clean up?


Need a photo. Hard to know what you are talking about without that. :blush:

Usually I would say yes, but you need to cover the hole in the inner cover (if you have that under the roof) before you put the roof back on.

DO NOT do that! Please! :wink: It is an open invitation to robbing bees, wasps, hornets, ants, wax moths and small hive beetles (OK you probably don’t have SHB in Canada, but the truth needs to be out there). Put it in a ziplock baggie and freeze it. When you have enough, you can either render it for wax, or use it to make Flow frames smell good to the hive. :blush:

By the way, in Canada, you really need a second deep brood box filled before you put the Flow super on. Unless you only want to keep bees for one year, that is, eh? :smile:


Hello there,

this is not a big worry- you can just put your super on now. How much comb is in the roof? Is it full or just a few small bits of comb? You can leave it there for the time being if you leave the hole open- or if you close it you can scrape it out and crush it in a sieve over a bowl to collect the honey (assuming it is just honey comb with no brood in it?). before you scrape it out shake the lid over the hive so that any bees on that comb fall off and inti the hive. If tehre are few left clinging on use your bee brush to gently flick them off. There is no huge issue leaving the hole open- except that when you remove the roof there will be bees there. so be ready and prepared for that. You can keep the wax for yourself.


Scrape out the comb which will have honey in it so best done inside over a bowl. Keep the wax and when you have enough you can render it down, look under Q&A for help on doing that. Do not squish the cover down on anything - that will not fix the issue and will kill bees. Remove the comb and propolis above the brood frames then fit the super and finally fit the inner cover(scraped clean of course) and finally the roof.
Don’t leave anything near the hive for the bees to clean up - you will be sending out an invitation to things you don’t want in your hive. You do the cleaning up and the bees can get back to their work.