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Dirty Feeder? Is this normal?

My whole feeder is whole of gunk anyone know if this is just the bees junk or some type of infestation?
I left the feeder in over the winter?

The “gunk” looks like propolis, which is fairly normal. Some colonies produce more than others

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Okay awesome. There was just a lot so I didn’t know. Thanks.

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I’d recommend using an in-hive feeding method for overwintering next time, Nathan. Dry or more concentrated sugar is better and you don’t want pests like mice to have access. If the bees did all that propolizing, it means the feeder you used was creating a draft as well. Give our friend @JeffH an idea of typical winter temps out in Indy :cold_face::laughing:

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I have found that bees don’t need a draft in order to line corners with propolis. The flow frames in the hive we were gifted had a lot of propolis in places, which made handling them difficult. I’m pretty sure they were out of the draft. However I think that colony was a bit prone to excess propolis