Dirty Honey/Ok to eat?

Hi All, I harvested one of my flow frames yesterday and there are bits and one grub in the honey. I think the grub is wax moth but I don’t know what all the bits are. Is the honey going to be safe to use after straining ? Thanks Dave.

Look like frass to me, poop. Not very appetizing if you ask me but probably safe. Might ferment more readily…

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I agree with @chau06 It looks like wax moth droppings to me. I’d say the honey is safe to eat after it goes through a fine strainer. However it’s something that can be avoided by physically checking the Flow frames, including the channel before harvest. It’s also a good policy to give each channel a sniff test before each harvest. The reason I say that is on account of personal experience. We harvested from a Flow hive once & discovered 3 of the 6 channels had a fermented honey odor, which we rinsed out before harvest. The last thing we wanted was precious raw honey mixed with fermented honey.

When I say “harvested from a Flow hive once”, it was the one & only time. Therefore we found fermented honey in Flow frame channels a 100% of the times we harvested from them.

Thanks Guys, I did an inspection there is no sign of any wax moth, must have been the one and only :crossed_fingers:. Gave the channels a good clean out, harvest a portion of a frame just to check, all good, clean as. :+1: Cheers Dave.