Disassemble of flowhive after wasp invasion

I wa out of town for a week and a half and unfortunatly wasps have over taken my hive. I am in process of harvesting the honey and taking apart flowhive, but the super seems to be stuck to the brood box. Does anyone have any tricks how to separate these without doing too much harm to the hiveboxes? Heat, filet knives?

You can’t get them apart with your hive tool?


The best advice I can give is to remove all the frames before trying to remove the super. Each frame will be stuck to the QE with wax. While a single frame is relatively easy to lift off with a hive tool, the combination of 6 or 7 frames, in addition to the super can be relatively hard to lift off. Do it one frame at a time.


Great advise. I better get one of those. I have a feeling I lost the entire hive.