Do I check the Brood Box?

Hi, all.

Have a flow hive, Put the Super on about 6 weeks ago. Went to check the hive this morning. Lifted the Super off to check the Brood Box. The Super weighed a good 40Kg. Should I have taken the Super off to check the Brood or should I just deal with the Super at this time. Bees fairly unhappy with me!!!

If the flow super is that heavy then probably at least a few, if not all, of the frames are ready to harvest.

The box is much easier to lift when it is empty :wink:.

You can also consider removing the flow frames out to inspect them individually off the hive and then lift the box off to inspect the brood box.

If your brood box is due for an inspection or to check for swarm preparation then you should figure out a way to inspect.

If the frames and the boxes are very stuck then sometimes it helps to have an extra set of hands or an extra hive tool or wedge to get things separated before you lift and overly disrupt the bees. Make sure you have your smoker going with nice cool smoke beforehand.


Thanks for that. I think I should have removed the flow frames first to check them and then check the brood box. Good advice.


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