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Do you still need to uncap the supers?


I’m just getting started in beekeeping. Traditionally a person removes, uncaps and extracts the honey. Then puts supers back for the bees to refill them. On the Flow Hive I see that the supers get capped when the honey is rip but I haven’t seen if they still need to be uncapped after extracting the honey. Does anyone know…?


I have not experienced it myself yet but I have read that once the honey is extracted and you place the comb back into the closed position the bee’s will go in and clean up the frames. They will then begin to fill the combs back up with honey again. I believe Cedar mentions it in one of the videos too.


The bees will chew back the caps and repair the damaged wax and then refill. No need to do anything on your part really.


No reason to uncap. The Flow hive will drain. The bees will sense the combs are empty and uncap and refill them.


Thank you all for your comments, that answers my question…