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Double Deep Long Lang Hive


Here is my 3 colony double deep hive in 30C+. Lots of bees chilling out on the front.

These were started from 3 Buckfast NUCs 7 weeks ago, and the population has exploded. I tried to inspect on the weekend, but could barely see anything for the mass of bees covering every square inch of every frame; 8 double deeps each, plus a shallow comb honey super.

The Buckfast bees seem to make some beautiful comb honey.



thanks for the update- I am very keen to see how this hive goes over time. Seems to be doing very well so far. Amazing to think you have 3 queens there working overtime. Inspections will be a huge task.

please let me know how your octagonal hive progresses too.

love your work.


I think you mean hexagonal hive…
Or Cathedral hive. :wink:


Do you sell these frames? Or the parts to make these frames? I’m interested in very deep hives. This looks like a great idea. Thanks for the Post!

Too much moisture, and the varroa Mite are problems in the Pacific Northwest. I love beekeeping, but I’ve had several setbacks. I’d have to be able to treat I’d have to be able to the bees with oxalic acid in these deep hives. But I think this would be a very good overwintering design as the bees could move up to their honey supplies very easily. Thanks for the information!


I don’t sell parts, not enough time with my ongoing list of projects to manufacture anything for others!

Currently I’m making 6 more full langstroth setups including screened bottom boards, slatted racks, 10 frame deep boxes, shallow comb honey supers, inner covers, and outer covers. In addition I’ve started 4 more AZ hives.

Your certainly welcome to the plans if you like.

I’m not sure yet how successful my design is going to be. I lost the colony overwinter last year. This year it went into winter with 3 very strong colonies, hopefully the shared heat will help.

For treatments I used MAQs. You could add screened bottom to this design, or larger opening in order to treat with Oxalic vapour.



I’m speechless! I have been mulling over a similar idea for a while now for when I buy the acreage we are hoping to real soon. Awesome to see someone who thinks like me! Either I’m not mad, or we both are LOL.

Cheers, Ian