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Now this forum is going to be fun. Flow hives on top bars? I don’t see how without dismantling the roof on mine.


I imagine there would be a few modifications to match up to a top bar hive, all do-able with a few tools. @ymcg our website guru uses top bar hives and is planning on adapting his to work with the flow hive. I’m sure he’ll keep us updated when he gets time.

I have a plan underway to ‘super’ the Flow onto a Top Bar Hive, well add it to the end so I don’t have to change all my bars (and defeat the purpose of light-weight top bar beekeeping).

Here goes:

A normal Lang box on left, and a small TBH on right:

I cut a large hole in the end of the TBH:

and in the Lang so they line up:

add Flow frames

and a queen excluder if you like (I prefer not to)

view from inside, with a small hive beetle trap showing on the floor

view from the Lang end

view from TBH end

the complete bits

Now to add bees!


That looks like an interesting project.I have just finished building my top bar hive while I wait for my flow hive. I would like to upload a few photos.


Hi @Ken_Grady, Welcome to the forum. It doesn’t usually take long to become a trusted user. If you keep looking around the forum and do a couple of replies you will soon be able to add images.
It is easy to upload images, just drag and drop them in when you are writing a reply.


Hi Jake I didn’t realise it was that simple, thank you for the heads up.

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Thanks @Jake I was wondering about that with images… and @Ken_Grady the upload was super easy, just drag n drop!


Hi. I live in Helotes, Texas (a small suburb of San Antonio). When I lived in Michigan I had 6 hives (30 years ago) and now that I recently retired am getting back into beekeeping largely because the flow hive should minimize the heavy lifting and honey extraction labor. I was going to wait until I receive my flow hive but my wife and I decided to start a Kenya top bar hive now. I have been thinking of ways to link the flow hive when I discovered others are also working on the idea. It will be some time before I can try to link, but I will keep that in mind as I design and construct a new TBH.


Please let us know if it works.

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Hi Stuart,
I have just finished doing exactly the same as you are intending to do by building a top bar hive while I wait for my Flow Hive to arrive, I will post a few photo’s very soon.

Good luck with yours.

Regards Ken.

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I am considering just building a Lang. hive and using it as a vertical TBH/ Warre hive but with Lang. dimensions. I will add a quilt on top and everything else like in a Warre. I will let the bees build their comb from top to bottom like in Nature/a Warre too.

Either that or actually building a Warre Hive and topping the hive with a small 3 row Flow box somehow.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s pics and stories.




I just moved the girls into the modified TBH yesterday, now to wait as they build up to fill the hive, before I can add the Flow super at the end… its coming into winter here in Byron Bay Australia so we may have to wait till Spring sadly ;(


Beautiful, love what you have done, basically taken the follower board concept and used it as queen excluder. How would a flow hive fit in this, however? Or are you not intending to combine the two?


Hi SowthEfrikan,
Thanks for the comments, no I do not intend to join them but just leave it as a top bar hive. :wink:

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Want to add to this discussion bymentioning a keeping method I’ve read about in the states that is referred to as a hybrid hive. The design & intention is that a TBH has Lang boxes on top of bars, where the brood is kept on bars & honey in the Lang to follow their natural urge to place honey above brood. And this supposedly helps with overwintering. This is really quite a simple method to integrate a flow hive into. The mod needs to be directed only at the roof design. Additionally this allows an opening in the top for direct nectar deposits at heavy flow periods & may negate need for excluder.


Nice! Are the round holes for the flow hive frames??

Hi Elizabethh,
If you are referring to the photo’s with the round holes in the front, no they are the hive entry and exits for the bees to come and go.

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