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Drones above excluder


Last time i checked through the flow hive window there were drones. I’ve got a queen excluder in place.

Does this mean i’ve got small drones, a small queen or something else?

I’m inspecting the frames tomorrow.


Could be either of the first two, but could also be a distorted QX or laying workers… :cold_sweat:


Did you add the excluder just before adding the flow super? Is there any upper way into the colony? If there is no upper entrance of any kind (no notch in then inner cover etc.) and you added the excluder just before adding the flow super, then there should be no drones in the flow super. You must have either added the excluder after drones had moved in, or here is some way into the top of the hive other than through the excluder.


Hi Dunc, you most likely wont have either small drones or a small queen. A distorted or faulty QX or a laying worker are more plausible.

All will be revealed when you do your inspection tomorrow. If the queen is happily working below the QX & you only see a scattering of drone larvae above the QX, you probably have a laying worker up there.

If you see large masses of drone larvae above the qx with no queen activity below it, the queen is probably up there. Which means she most likely got through the qx some how. If that’s the case, do a thorough check of the qx.

Good luck with your inspection tomorrow, cheers


So I did the inspection yesterday…

There were still drones present above the queen excluder but no drone brood. At first it appeared that the other bees were happy having them around but after a while it looked like they were killing them and clearing them out.

The excluder was covering the entire base of the box, with no obvious flaws in it.


The excluder has been in place for about 5 months, so it’s unlikely that the drones are from prior to that.