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Drones Drones & more Drones everywhere! R Rated content

After being overseas for two weeks I did a full inspection
& found hundreds of drones all through the brood box!
& drone brood on three frames. Is this ok or should I do something about it?

G’day Michael, Sunshine Coast? I’m at Buderim. I would do something about it Mike. Especially with a lot of SHB in our area. What I would do is cut all the brood out of the frame, then cut the honey & comb out for personal use. What I would do then is wire up the frames & put wax foundation in them.

The top 2 photos look like worker comb. It’s only the drone comb I’d cut out.

With all those drones your hive is producing, it might be an early swarm season this year. I’d better get to work on my own hives.

Drones hang out on the outer frames so that’s where you find…LOTS.
I agree with @JeffH…there is worker brood

Drones are normal. Drones are necessary for the survival of the species. You have plenty of nice flat capped worker brood.

Warning the following images are possibly Rated R…

Is this a drones genitalia? If so, did he die happy or sad?

Yes and hard to tell, it doesn’t always get torn off.

Apparently some native bees have it on display all the time :roll_eyes:

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