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Dumb question? Flow super below brood box?

Ok folks, this may be a dumb question as I haven’t started bee keeping yet, but why can’t the flow super be below the brood box?

I am drawn to horizontal hives to limit lifting but it also occurred to me that another way to limit lifting would be to put the brood on top of the flow super. Flow suppers don’t need to be looked at as much as brood boxes… so why don’t they put the brood on top… no super to lift? Do bees not like to store honey below their brood?

Hi @Tadchipper.

Bees usually prefer to put honey on top and on sides of them. They will do the same in your top brood box. In case of good nectar flow they will continue to put honey on top and it will start to push nest down. Space at the bottom will be limited by queen excluder. Nest will start to contact. It is called honey bound hive. One of possible outcomes - a swarm.

Also there is a problem of drones. They are too large to go through queen excluder. They get trapped. So there is a need in additional entrance somewhere above the queen excluder.

As the result of the above, most likely it will be a single box hive with expensive stand under it. Probably even with some honey and pollen around the top part of bottom super.

But again, nothing stops you from trying :slight_smile:

Very interesting, thanks for clarifying and I don’t plan to try since you’ve saved me from a novice mistake :grin: thanks again!