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Dyeing Bee Hive HELP


I’m new to bees and one of my hives are dyeing because of mites… i applied the medication to late :frowning:
I have the queen and a dozen other bees alive in a nuc box and thinking of keeping them in my basement or garage over the winter months. I’m in Canada so they will not survive the winter in the hive. has anyone ever done this? anyone have any suggestions for me?

anything would help thanks


Hello @Tomek_Bloch,
If you only have a dozen bees remaining, unfortunately its too late. Putting them indoors won’t solve the problem or save them I’m afraid. Conventional wisdom is that putting hives indoors harms them, so I wouldn’t recommend that at this point even if you had a lot more bees. Start again in the spring with a new nuc from a local beek in Erin Ontario area. You are so close to the University of Guelph beekeeping team, I highly recommend you source from there as they have hearty bees. And obviously the treatment cycle timing is super important going forward. Sorry for your loss, but don’t give up!

Your fellow Ontario Beekeeper from www.PurdieGoodHoney.com down near Windsor Ontario.



I totally agree with @Tim_Purdie, he gave you very good advice. Next year, I would suggest that you treat for Varroa as soon as your last harvest is done. For me this year, that was August. It is also worth checking again around a month after you finish treating, as Varroa numbers often explode going into Fall/Autumn. Good lesson for next year. Sorry for your loss though. :disappointed_relieved:

Our local bee inspector just sent out these two links, which are worth a read. If you are short of time, the first one summarizes everything: