Easy food source

Hello fellow bee keepers,
My hive has gone well through out the summer and autumn months thankfully. I’m sure they’ll have plenty of honey stored up for winter (especially as we have fairly mild winters in the Riverland SA), but incase they do run low, what food source would you recommend? Should I do sugar water, fondant etc?
Thanks, Luke

Hi Luke, white (not raw) sugar with water is an easy, effective food source for your bees.

It’s worth taking into account that as winter approaches, bees will constrict the brood, while at the same time replace it with honey. It’s worth taking a quick look on a warm sunny day to see how much honey is packed around the brood. If there’s a lot of honey in the brood box, that should ease your mind somewhat.

If there is a lot of honey in the brood box, you could help the bees conserve it by insulating the hive.

Cool, thanks a heap Jeff
I’ll definitely be taking a look if it warms up enough