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Feeding bees in fall

Everyone asks me if I started feeding my bees yet. My question is, do I need to feed them now till winter? The bees have two deep boxes. All the frames( 10) are full.

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If you have 2 deeps and they are both full, you don’t need to feed. I might think about insulation and/or a moisture quilt box, though for September or October. Michigan gets pretty cold and moisture could be a big killer over winter. :wink:

Thank you. I didn’t think I needed to feed if I’m pretty sure they have enough honey for winter. Yes, getting ready to add moisture quilt here soon.

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If the bees have honey stores then there is no need to feed them anything extra till they are thru the worst of Winter or needing more as the amount of stores was not enough. Natural is best.
I agree with Dawn, you need to think about keeping the colony warm.


You don’t need to feed them anything extra if the bees have honey stores until they are through worst of winter.

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