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Feeding on the Flow Hive/ August Order?


I am just getting interested into beekeeping and I have two questions…

I was just wondering about food for the bees? On some hives I see feeders but would you not need a feeder on the Flow Hive because the comb is already synthetically there?

Also… If I don’t place an order by August 25th does anyone know when the next shipment of Flow Hives would come out after Feb 2016?


Bees need food for much more than making comb. They need nectar and pollen to grow their grubs and provide energy to sustain themselves. This is normally obtained from natural sources but there are times when a beekeeper has to supplement this by feeding. The flow frames are not an effortless method of keeping bees; they are a method of extracting honey. If you want your bees to produce a surplus for you to harvest you have to look after them. You have to manage them. To this end you should find a beekeeping association near you and get some serious lessons. There is no short cut. If you don’t know what you are doing you may lose your bees.


I understand that. That’s why I was asking where could you attach a feeder for winter months when natural food isn’t as readily available for the bees.


You won’t have the flow frames on in the winter so you put your feeder on top of a feeder board. Syrup in the autumn fondant in the winter. If you feed on top of the flow frames you’ll get syrup in the honey


You should be able to buy an 8 or 10 frame top feeder in the States (USA) Mann Lake in the states do them and most bee suppliers.

There is Sugar syrup 1:1 Water:Sugar, or 1:2 Water:Sugar - Please do not use Corn syrup - most US corn is GM and tainted with insecticides.

or Fondant which is similar to cake decorating fondant - again avoid corn syrup, Pollen patties of various kinds - all these are used to feed Bees for various reasons - you need to join a bee club and get some hands on experience


So you are saying that you can get a top feeder to put on top of the brood box to feed them during the early spring and fall? If so do you think Mann Lake would have the right size to fit the brood box that comes with the Flow Hive? I am new to this and know that I will need a feeder that will fit it.


Yes you can get top feeders from Mann Lake… But make sure if you are using 8 frame it is the correct frame one, not the 10 frame feeder


I would NEVER feed with the Flow frames on the hive. They will store the syrup in the Flow frames, dry it, cap it, and then you’ll harvest it thinking it’s honey; until you taste it :open_mouth:


@Red_Hot_Chilipepper if you need to feed there is no point having the Flows on - We have had to feed this summer it has been dire!!


@Valli Very good: now you’re getting it :wink:

@rlkelly I have the Mann Lake top feeders and the Brushy Mountain top feeders; get the Brushy feeders: http://www.brushymountainbeefarm.com/10-Frame-Hive-Top-Feeder-w_Floats/productinfo/688/ waaaay better!

@dangerous In the winter I use fondant or candy I make with HFCS and Honey Bee Healthy. I place this on a sheet of wax paper right on top of the top bars. Make sure the cluster is in contact with their honey or the candy. I had a frame and a half of bees in a nuc with zero stores that wintered in a deep nuc box with nothing but a fondant patty. Our temps were in the single digits but mostly the teens and 20’s.


@Red_Hot_Chilipepper we don’t have bushy Mountain Bees in UK - Mann Lake do more Langstroth kit here in the UK as most other companies sell Mainly Nationals, Commercials, Warre, and WBC hives.

I thought it obvious if there is no nectar coming in the supers would not be on, besides the bees would have to climb up throught the supers to the feed - waste off effort for the BuzzBees


I have just installed my bees and have been feeding them for a a little less than a week and I don’t know when to put the flow frames on. Can anyone help me?


You need to find out whether most beekeepers in your area run one or two brood boxes. Then you need to wait till your little colony has built up to covering 80% of the frames with brood. Then you can put on either your flow super or the next brood box. It does take some time. If the weather is good and there is natural forage you need to stop feeding as well. The trouble with feeding is that the bees will invariably take it and store it. If there is comb to draw they will draw it but then immediately fill it with the syrup you are providing. Then the colony takes a long time to build up because the queen has no place to lay.


I would plan on adding your Flow frames in Spring of 2017. This year will be all about getting 2 deep boxes (16 frames) fully drawn, full of bees, brood, pollen, and honey.


Ok, thank you very much.