First Flow Hive Harvest! AMARILLO, TX, USA

So I harvested 1 Flow Frame today! Here is a half gallon jar.


Looks good :slight_smile: Did everything go as planned?

Yep it went perfect! I actually should of left it on-tap longer as there was alot more in that 1 frame. Here is the second frame I harvested this morning.


Beautiful! Congrats!! Thanks for sharing :rainbow::sunglasses::+1::honeybee::two_hearts:

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Just harvested our Flow super today too. Two frames yielded 2 half gallon jars and another quart. I have all of the weights written down, but we are going out to dinner, so no time to calculate it all. Will do the refractometer later this week, but it was very well-capped. :blush:

I have video too, but no video editing skills yet, so the movie might take a while to upload. :smile:


Wow it looks so delicious ,what kind of honey is it ,and how that new hive works ? And how much it cost؟?

How do you like your flow hive?
Did you buy it in USA or Australia?
Is one brood box enough for area you live in?
I from same town. Looking to get into Beek next year
But thinking of going (3 med box 8 frame lang with a flow hive on top year 2) per hive. And doing 2 hives (6 boxes total) to start.

Thank You for the answers

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