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First harvest and bees draining the adjoining frames that weren’t harvested

Hi all, have just completed my first harvest two flow frames this morning and all went well. Did an inspection a few days previous and the two I drained were fully capped. The surrounding frames were nearly full as well. I had a look since draining the two full frames this morning and it appears the bees are madly draining the frames next to the drained ones. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes. Normal. They love moving honey around, especially when we have taken some out. :wink:

Thanks Dawn was panicking lol :+1::honeybee:

I’m with @Dawn_SD about this, bees will often move uncapped nectar about in a hive normally and more likely to happen after you disturb the way they have set things up to their liking.
Cheers Graeme.