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First harvest this year 2018, Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Hi Guys , Well we have just removed 5 frames from the hive as the flow frames are not being filled as quickly as last year so we are two months behind not that is is a problem :slight_smile:
Bees are just doing there thing :slight_smile:
So did a check and lots of honey along with brood as well as full frames of honey …one frame dark as the others golden :slight_smile: and much thicker than usual :slight_smile:
already sold it all …have a waiting list …got to love that . people are happy to wait as its that good :slight_smile:

Kids (Ruby and Lachlan ) loved spinning it this time and will also make another batch of bees wax lip balm from the capping’s .
pis below :slight_smile: enjoy

Uploading: IMG_5526.JPG(1)… Uploading: IMG_5530.JPG(1)… !

video of kids spinning : https://youtu.be/X7gZ70CYocw


Wonderful pics and how exciting!! Your children are darling too :rainbow::heart_eyes::cherry_blossom:


Hello Mark, great pics and had a laugh at the video clip, the kids are having fun and that is so important. They are the future bee keepers.
With the honey fiasco it really helps hobby bee keepers sell their product against the Supermarket stuff. Since that came out into the open I am having a lot of questions and interest from people about where the honey comes from.
There is a ready market for our boutique honey.


Thanks Eva , kids just love helping in all areas with the bees from inspections to labeling …future bee keepers :slight_smile: much more to come


Thanks Peter , yes kids having lots of fun whilst continually sampling each frame of honey to taste the difference :slight_smile: