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First honey harvest!


Looking good, prob. will harvest first frames next week!


Exciting times for you ahead then. Just make sure your bees are left with enough honey for the Winter.
What is your hive, a Flow Hive or conventional? I have two Flow hives and 12 Langstroth, I bought the Flow Hives as an experiment to see if they worked for me and at the moment I am extracting the honey from them 5 weeks apart. That is about the same time frame for my other hives.
Regards Andre


Hello & Thank You Peter!

I use a flow hive, one brood & one super.

I plan to remove the super, and insulate the brood, as we see some really cold winters in N. Vermont. This concerns me for obvious reasons. Do you remove your Flow supers in the winter? Thanks again.


Where I live we don’t have a winter, it is just a cool change in the weather for about 6 weeks when I wear jeans at my apiary. If it is not too windy or raining the bees forage every day. The bees bring in excess nectar and pollen so my Flow Hive super is on every day of the year.
I run single full depth brood and either the Flow Supers or Langstroth Supers. My climate is sub-tropical and our pests are ants, cane toads and SHB we do have but I manage that in my inspections by squashing them as well as keeping the hive strong in numbers of bees…


Ahhh endless summer sounds good for the hive! It amazes me they can over winter in this climate. I guess the flip side is we really have no pests to worry about, other than black bear! Thanks again for the insight!


and Varroa. and Nosema. and wax moths. and yellow jackets… :wink: :smiling_imp:


Sounds good :slight_smile: Make sure you post some photos of your harvest :slight_smile:

You might like to check out the wintering section on the forum based on location:


And also the section which discusses how many brood boxes to use based on location:



Hopefully not anytime soon!


Awesome, I am definitely going to add a brood box next summer!Thanks!


Varroa is definitely in VT:

Don’t get too complacent if you see sick bees! :blush: