First Week Started, Any advice off pictures

I installed a 5 Frame Nuc into my 8 Frame deep on Monday,

I ordered the Flow Hive 2 full setup, and waiting on my May arrival.

I installed the 5 frames, with 2 new frames and the 8th spot is currently a frame feeder, (I am waiting on delivery of top feeder)

The guy I bought the Nuc from gave me some old bee protein comb patties I have been using, as well as sugar water

Today is Wedneday, the sugar water was gone already and it seemed way too many bees drowned in there, I did have sticks to try to help, hopefully top feeder comes soon.

also saw some hive beetles on bottom board.

I have attached pictures of the 2 new frames to show the progress that they’ve done in first 2 days.

Should I be concerned about the hive beetles yet? Any other suggestions?

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Hi Vince, the only suggestion I have for the hive beetles is to squash the little buggers. rowning bees is no good, just wait till your feeder comes. Do you have much flowering in your area at the moment?


Not much but temps just sky rocketed to 90’s today thur Friday so should be a lot flowering soon.

Maybe best to remove the sugar water feeder frame and just wait until top feeder comes? seems like may be causing more damage then helping

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Once they fill out those frames, I assume they will start laying brood? My plan is to get the 8 frames going and hopefully my flow 2 will be here and then begin to fill out the 2nd 8 frame super

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Yes, doesn’t sound good, considering you purchased a Nuc, there should be brood being laid in the existing frames, but by the look of the frame in the picture its not far off the queen laying eggs in those cells, may only be a couple of days.

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If you use the forum search tool for “baggie feeder” you can find a very simple feeding method which won’t drown your bees. It can be tricky when you first do it, so I recommend practicing with water in your kitchen sink before trying it in the hive. Once you have learned it though, it is very easy, and very rarely drowns any bees. :wink:

Otherwise I agree with @Rodderick :blush:

One other thought is to try some beetle traps. Mann Lake and the other suppliers have ones that you fill with oil and rest between 2 frames. The bees chase the beetles into them, where they drown. The grate on the top is too small for bees to get through, so they are fine.

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@Vince_Fillah I use two types of feeders on my hives. The links are listed below. I have tried several in the three years I have been doing this and I have significantly less drowning with these types. I have also seen the frame feeder with an open top and then beekeepers use the #8 wire mesh and fold it and then place it inside the frame feeder. It gives the bees something to walk on so they don’t fall into the syrup and drown.

Sorry I can’t help with the beetles. Don’t have them here in Montana. Guess its too cold for them.