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Flow Frames in winter!


Hey Everyone!

I usually do not harvest all my supper frames in the winter to make sure my bees have enough food. I am in Utah so we have long cold winters. Is it ok to leave the Flow Frames in the Hive with honey stores all winter long?




I wouldn’t, because you are leaving “dead space” above the cluster which the bees have to keep warm throughout the winter. That means they are using energy. Chances are very much reduced that they will survive the winter. Also, if there is honey in the frames and you have a queen excluder in place, the cluster may move up to use the food, abandoning the Queen so she will die.

Take the Flow super off after the last harvest. :wink:


If the bees need a super of stores to over winter then you should either feed them a super of syrup after the Flow comes off or have a traditional super on the brood, then the Flow.


I am uncertain what you are asking. What is your setup now? Brood/Super/Flow? Brood/Brood/Super/Flow? If you harvested all or most of their winter stores you care going to have to feed all winter to ensure they make it through.