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Flow Hive Course in Sydney Australia 26 Nov 2017


Bruce White OAM will be running a Flow Hive course on Sunday 26 November from 8:30am at the Fairfield Showground in Prairiewood Sydney NSW. Bruce is a retired Technical Specialist in Apiculture in the NSW DPI and is still one of the countries leading experts in beekeeping and the primary honey judge for the National Honey Show. The cost is $195 for the day and includes lunch & refreshments. Spots are limited so if interested please contact the NSW Apiarist Association on sydneybranch@nswaa.com.au for the registration forms.


Thanks for the info on the course.
I couldn’t find the course listed on their website. Is it listed somewhere?


Hey Faroe, No… not listed. They are a small branch and I give them a hand to promote their courses and the National Honey Competition. The big drawcard is Bruce, he is a bit of a celebrity in the beekeeping world and also is responsible for the NSW Governors Flow hives in Sydney.