Flow hive set up - Adding bees

Hi all, I have my flow hive and have put it all together, Im at the stage of adding bees to the hive. Given that the hive I will be using is a strong super, full spread of bees across the brood box, with a nice ring of pollen stores and good slabs of brood, plus then in the super its full honey. Normally I would be at the stage of under supering this particular hive - however for this hive I’m going to transfer it directly into a flow hive double. Now the brood box is easy. I don’t have to establish any frames so I don’t even need to build the frames that came with the Flow hive, and given the transfering hive is an eight frame box, I will transfer over the frames in the same order, so as to not upset the brood more than I will already.
Now for you all out there who have a little more experience with Flow hive than I do. Especially for those people who have already set up a flow hive. I have a question. Given the frames in the super box are all plastic, and not plastic foundation that have been wax rolled. How long should I expect the bees to take - before they move in, and start building there stores? Bare in mind conditions are great where the hive is, trees are flowing, sector is coming in and 1 have 3 types of pollen coming in also, so one would think out of necessity the process starts soon.

Curious to see whats happening out there with peoples own actual experience with this stage of the set up of the flow hive.

Hello JonR,

Sorry … Mine is not set up yet but congrats ! If mine had my normal 10 frame Langstroths set that good I would expect only couple days delay to right away once they get a feel of new body full n now your Flow-Super. A good flow of nectar should push them up almost immediately thru the QS into the flow at least for a look. If not a couple drops of lemon grass oil if you have any should reverse any shyness to go upstairs.

It sounds like you on your way there bro. Again… Congrats n I be watching for notes n maybe a pix or two of your progress !

Enjoy the Flow,

If your Brood Box is busting with bees with a good Flow of Pollen and Nectar coming in the bees will go up and start super-ing the Flow Frames if there is space below they will fill that first then go up to the super.

My Flow Frames arrives in September and the bees looked at it but didn’t do a fat lot as we were coming into winter and Queenie was sorting out ready for the Fat Winter bees, but they certainly had a good look around and there may even be some wax was staring to be laid up.

If your in Queensland and still plenty of Pollen and Nectar coming in it is no different than any other super

Hi all, Im back on after a bit, so an update for you all regarding the Flow Hive. I had first set up the flow hive with a strong double put straight into the Flow hive, and noticed that the bees where ‘quite resistant’ to going into the top box - past the plastic excluder and into the plastic Flow hive Frames. I guess in the past if I have had to use plastic frames in the top box I would roll with wax to condition the plastic for the bees. This usually expedited the process and bees would start drawing wax in the day if it was a good season. So after a week or so bees where still ‘setting’ up in the flow hive box, so I decided to change it up a bit.
Having the luxury of 100 other hives in the yard here is what I did. I took the Flow hive super and put it in between the brood box and super of another strong double, making it a fascinating triple hive. The Flow hive brood box and plastic excluder, I left together and placed a full super of honey on the top. Remember the original hive I used was a strong hive and it needed the space otherwise she’ll swarm on me.
So to happily update you all on this progress. The bees are now starting to put honey into the Flow hive, the top super is full so the flow hive is the only remaining space, plus the bees have to ‘walk’ through the flow hive to get to the top box and back so eventually they where always going to take to it. I must also say the windows on the side and rear of the Flow hive are a really great design, I would however suggest to anyone to use a vail even though the hive is sealed ( and my Flow Hive is in a yard of 100 hives so a vail is mandatory).
I’m at the stage now where I will put the Flow all back together as it was intended to. I guess on the 1 hand i would have liked to see how long it would have taken for bees to go into and start using the Flow hive as I originally had it set. But on the hand I was too impatient and wanted to get it working faster.
Honey is coming in and the Flow hive is filling but not enough to turn the tap as yet, and the rains on the coast have slowed the flow - not to worry the bloodwood and the Tea tree should be good this year, so winter time and winter time honey will be a fascinating test for the Flow Hive.
<img src="//cdck-file-uploads-global.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business6/uploads/honeyflow/original/2X/9/9f64810c2a028b68e05b1d317320db874944fc4a.jpg"


Sound like all those beehives gives you amazing resources n knowledge of beekeeping… It’s interesting to see you experimenting with the new Flow-Retrieval system.

I have absolutely “no” experience with them. My experience with honeybees is RUSTY at best. I am guessing the basics will return quickly after I get my three new Nuc’s this Aptil. I am really excited to get back onboard.

Been reading, watching n attending few classes to catch up with invasion of pests disease n other stuff since my 1950’s n 1960’s experiences. Going to be interesting.

Thanks for the great pix’s. Keep em coming as your hive progresses.


Hey mate - yeah its like riding a bike, once you have the basics its all good. You’ll get your bike balance back and then some. A lot is happening in the world of bees - Flow hive is an interesting change going through the industry - It will be interesting to follow and see the uptake. As you probably remember like anything with nature and production - we are observers and custodians so lets hang on for the ride. Good luck mate, let me know how you go with your nukes.

Thanks Jon…

Looking forward to the ride… Bought a small block of bees wax

so I could just smell it. Sure a rush of great memories n thoughts… Yip … Hard to wait … My bee supplier is letting check out one of his hive … This is allowing me to be more patient… Cuz I am getting my honeybee fix.

Cheers bro,

Here I am out at my bee buddies bee yard. He was n is very helpful.