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Flow hive yield dropping over time

My steam gun broke before I could try this while soaking, It has a safety compression lid that can not be opened under pressure, and this somehow fused completely to the top of the steamer. I did use it once before to clean out a Flow Frame that had small amounts of debris in it but nothing more major.

This is not normal at all and really indicates that there is more of a fault with the Flow Frames. As even with some sort of blockage there should be some give and movement, at worst we have seen a Flow Frame that is blocked be set to the open position with the key inserted but it springs back to closed when the key is removed.

My initial thought is they have been broken in some way, perhaps dropped or an attempt to open was done when they were fully crystallized, maybe even opening after they had been stored in the freezer. Of course, I only speculate in regards to this. But it does not seem right to me.

This is interesting to read, this would take it to more of a troubleshooting issue that we would need to discuss privately, as I would like the name of the person from who you received these, so that we can check through our system to see if they had an issue that was resolved already or if communication dropped out.

Please do send a PM with this info and we can discuss further also the individual occurrences you experienced with just the odd 1 or 2 columns in a Flow Frame. We are here to helpo :slight_smile:

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I’ve followed the post with a lot of interest and have picked up a few tips and tricks. Hope you can come back and update the thread when you have worked through this offline.


Of course.

Wait, what? I’m confused, no trouble shooting for the masses Kieran?

I too am following this thread closely and although I have had no issue with my gen 1 and gen 2 Fframes to date am beginning to get concerned that these same issues and leaking Fframes also reported may begin to occur to my 5 year old Fframes and if I do do I raise the subject here or Info @ Honeyflow? May I have some clarification please?

As for the mould in the Fframes, I have had this in my Fframes for the last couple of years and it does not seem to affect the honey in either taste or visual.
And back on topic;
Last season I was still getting +3Kg per 5yo mouldy Fframe.
Oh geez I hope they’re not some famous last words, I’m off to find some wood… :woozy_face:


Here are pics from my cells. They do not reveal much about the lack of yield on the older frames. The pics are in order of oldest to youngest frames.

I would remove the frames after harvest, then take a close look inside the cells after removing the caps.

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