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Flow hive yield dropping over time

That makes me sick. :joy::joy:
Sorry about the lame dad’s joke… just couldn’t let it go.
Shame about the frames. I am very keen to hear the outcome on this one.
Please keep us posted if you are able to source some others from someone else.

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:joy: oh dear, that definitely deserves any joke. Thrown out**

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@Semaphore aren’t you in South Australia? Did you give frames to someone in Sydney (NSW)???

@Bianca are you sure the frames you stated you originally wanted were handed to an organisation in Sydney? The Sydney frames, if I recall, were linked to @Nicholas_Stavropoulo and not @Semaphore.

…I could be wrong though…

I’m a friend of people at the urban beehive. I looked at the frames and photographed them when I was visiting the store- they were handed in from someone else. it’s a long, convoluted story… The folks there didn’t have time or space to deal with them and they were sent to be recycled.

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Ahhh, ok. That makes a bit more sense. Pity, because I was keen to know the outcome. Oh well.

Just found this discussion, very interesting & helpful to keep an eye out for as an early adopter.

@Doug1 i believe leaves his Fsupers out for cleanup, can’t recall if he resets or leaves them in open position? (his hives being inside a beehouse prob helps avoid a robbing frenzy)

I might have missed some details as I read a little fast hoping to hear the exciting conclusion - did the OP check there wasn’t an empty brood arc in the frames, and/or a honey leak?

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I have a number of badly candied frames. Durban South Africa.
Is it feasible to try cleaning them in a dishwasher?

There are a number of threads on how to deal with candied honey - while I think you probably could wash them, I don’t think you have to abandon hope of getting the honey out.

Gently heating the frames in a solar heater or barely warm oven and then extracting may be an option.

I think I remember someone putting the whole super in a black plastic bag out in the sun and then extracting.

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

Only if you want to buy a new dishwasher… :astonished: One of our quieter members, @busso, tried cleaning his in the dishwasher. It resulted in wax coating the interior and causing big problems. His wife was not amused. I think he spent many hours cleaning it up.

For simplicity, you could try soaking them in a tub of hot water - no hotter than 70°C, to avoid damaging the plastic. :wink: