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Flow Honey Takes out Ribbons at Adelaide Royal Show 2016


OK- so my mum is a first year bee keeper and a Flow early supporter. As soon as she heard of the Flow hive she jumped on board enthusiastically and ended up ordering two complete hives. She joined our local bee society and set about learning all about bees. We installed a nucleus in her hive early in 2016- the colony expanded rapidly and we were able to harvest over 20KG’s of honey in the last part of the season before winter. The honey was exceptional: this isn’t only our pride speaking- everyone who tried it has commented on the unique flavour and clarity. At the bee society it caused somewhat of a stir- and Mum was encouraged to enter some samples into the upcoming royal show. She researched making creamed honey- and set about preparing and entering her samples in regulation jars…

To cut a long story short- she won two Prizes! Second place for ‘Extracted Liquid Honey, Imported Flora, Any Colour. Novice Category’ and Second Prize ‘Creamed Honey’. Coming second in the creamed honey category was particularly good considering she was going up against apiarists with many years experience at the Show- and in one of the more technical and difficult areas. Also note: there are no thrid places awarded at the Royal Show… Here are the prizes and the Honey Stand:

This jar candied- but luckily after the judging. When entered it was clear.


Congratulations, well done!


Great to see you jumping in and giving it a go, Congrats! :clap: I am very surprised that your liquid honey crystallised so quickly, might be a good reason why the creamed honey performed so well.


yep- that seasons honey candied incredibly fast. A week or two after we harvested it it candied. Mum was able to keep her samples from candying before the show by freezing them. Honey stays runny if frozen oddly enough.

This is the honey in question as it came from the hive:

When straight from the hive it had an almost greenish tint to the bright yellow. It had a taste that some people likened to jacaranda- but there are none in mums area. This years harvest has quite a different flavour.


I was wondering if that was just the photo or if that was how the honey looked coming out :open_mouth:
Congratulations on the win, I will let the Flow team know :slight_smile: