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Flow Owner Vandalized


…In the UK so “vandalised” rather.

Flow hives aren’t mentioned, but you can clearly see several in the photo accompanying the article.

All the poor guy’s food was dumped.
"Heartless Fife vandal puts thousands of honey bees at risk"


What a twit leaving his invert container unlocked and in public view.


So it’s the victim’s fault?


1000 pound for an IBC full of sugar water? I’m in the wrong business!


of course not but if you have something valuable you protect it. Nice of the press to show all those expensive hives. None are strapped down either. Kids will be back to throw rocks at them.


Yes invert is expensive. You’ll pay double that rate in Jerry cans


its a nice clear picture of this cretin, so hopefully the local police can nip it in the bud and extract some money out of him for the damage.


Just wanton vandalism - someone on drugs or bored out of their brain can hurt so many others.


I blame the parents …


I blame the class system.