Flowhive management software

Hi, i’m new to the forum and excited to be a member of the community. I’ve been keeping bees for 2 years and have loved every minute, including the ups & downs of a newby! I recently split my first hive and it’s going well. I’ve developed my own database to administer my hives. It’s based upon a microsoft access database (most office365 users have this installed as part of the office suite), but microsoft provides a ‘free’ install of the runtime for users with other versions of office. I’m in the process of writing a manual to accompany the software and should be available soon. Basically the software keeps records of beekeeper details, apiaries & hives. It keeps records of income/expense, hive inspections , harvests etc. Also maintains a reference library of stuff including favourite websites, pictures, reference texts etc. The software is totally free & designed around flowhives. If it’s of interest to anyone, i’d be happy to give you a copy. Cheers.

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One of the most important things we can do is keep records.

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Yes, i’m particularly keen to capture seasonal honey output by hive & flowframe position. Just need to collect more data!

Data is good, but you can drown in it.

Having said that I’ve collected internal temps/humidity and still collect hive weights at 1.5min to 5min intervals.


AdamMaskew, I tried to upload a zip file containing the database files, but the system would not let me upload the folder. I’m new to this forum but if you could PM me your email address or any other method, then I’d be happy to send you a copy.

Ok, so i may have a solution. Will have a go over the next few days & if successful will publish a link to the files.

Friends, I’ve created a shared folder with my files & brief installation instructions. Please read the instructions (which will be improved as I have time).
Beekeeping Software


Please check out this link. You should be able to download from there





I was only able to access the PDFs on mobile, great templates!

Hello all,
My struggle was not with Terry’s program but with Access. Once that battle was won I was able to open the management software and begin to record my data.
Very helpful and makes my record keeping complete. And it eliminates problems with my bad penmanship.
Cheers and thanks Terry

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Friends, i should add that the app is a windows product. Won’t work on a mobile or apple mac. I will publish better instructions when time permits.

EricR, thanks for the words of encouagement. Glad you like the app.

Liyi, sorry i forgot to respond. Unfortunately, my app only works on a microsoft PC.

Friends, I have just uploaded a more comprehensive manual to compliment my software. It describes, to the best of my ability the features of the application & includes screenshots of forms etc. If you have the time, please read the manual. I welcome any constructive criticism. An app is always a work in progress!!

Friends, I have made some improvements to my application & a few bugfixes. The replacement files can be accessed via the hyperlinks in earlier threads. If you have already downloaded the app, then it’s a matter of replacing your ‘front end’ file only. You do not lose data. To do this, firstly rename your current front end file (say add a suffix ‘old’) to the file name. Then download & install the appropriate Front End File namely, Beekeeper85_32Bit_fe.accdc or Beekeeper85_64Bit_fe.accdc. Don’t forget to change the desktop shortcut (if you’ve made one) to reflect the new file. There are instructions in the shared folder.

Friends, Very Sorry but I found another small glitch & fixed it. Latest version of ‘front end’ (fe) software is 86. Upgrade as previous, no loss of data. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience it was not until I’d used the software myself for in excess of 6 months that I noticed the glitch!

Hi Terry,

Thank you so much for providing this database, very comprehensive and is a good way of keeping good records. I am brand new to keeping bees and it is great to be able to follow the “inputs” of the hive inspections.

Really appreciate the effort you have gone to and providing this “free” to this forum.

Cheers Shooter.

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Friends, I’ve just released version 88 of my beekeeper software. Some improvements & a couple of bugfixes. Please replace any earlier versions of the _fe file with the new ones.

Any questions, I’d be happy to help.

Sorry for the inconvenience but I expect to release new versions less frequently now.