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Foundation for the Frames

Hi All,
I am a definate newbee as I have no bees as yet and have only done a 2 day intro course at the local bee club. My son has purchased a Cedar Flow 2 for me as a housewarming (yay lucky me) and a friend is putting it together for me… In the directions you are told to glue the frames if you are not using plastic or wax foundations… there is no foundation provided in the kit and I’d like to try some frames with foundation. I cannot locate this for purchase on the flow site. So there are 2 questions here;

  1. Plastic foundation or wax - which is best and where to get it?
  2. What are your thoughts on using foundation?
    Thanks in advance.
    I’m located in Albury NSW
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One very lucky lady, enjoy your journey in bee keeping, you will become addicted to it.
!. I much prefer bees wax foundation and so do the bees, they will work a waxed frame quicker than a plastic frame. Your local bee gear shop should have frames wired and with foundation already fitted. If they can’t help you contact your local bee group in Albury and someone there will have spare frames made up and happy to sell a set of frames.
2. Over the years I tried plastic foundation, empty frames and frames with wooden, plastic and wax starter strips. Bees wax foundation is my best option for my bee keeping.
Note:: buying a pack of frames and making them up isn’t hard to do if you know how to swing a hammer and have your son to help. Wiring frames needs some gear and not a job I would advise when you only have one hive. Spend the few extra $ and buy them made up, it is cheaper in the long run.
Have fun Karen, Cheers

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Thank you Peter. I feel very much like a lucky lady :). Thanks for the advice. I will take it and run with the wired frames with the foundation already in. I’m pretty sure I will get addicted too :slight_smile:

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