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Foundation size


Hi, can someone tell me the size of wax foundation I need for my flow hive brood box, I don’t have the frames with me so can’t measure



Where in the world are you, Chris? If in the US, just get Langstroth deep foundation. If elsewhere, I will try to look up the usual dimensions for you… :wink:


Hi, I’m in the England


“The” England, huh? :smile: OK, then you want foundation around 21 cm x 42 cm, give or take a few millimetres. If it is wired, it will matter more than if it isn’t. But if it is for a Flow brood box, the frames can be used without foundation if you wish. :wink:


Ok thank you for your help


No problem at all. Please ask if you need to know anything else - we have quite a number of UK beekeepers who are active on this forum. :blush: