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Fraudulent Honey Again!


UK testing has identified non-compliances in around a third of tested samples of products labeled as Manuka,


In my opinion, unless you are buying verifiably-local honey, you’re not buying honey.


My opinion is not very practical… In my opinion, unless you are collecting your own honey from your own bees, you have no idea what happened to it between the hive and the jar. :smile:


Hi Dawn, I fully agree with that. I’ve seen too much over the years. That video that Andrew put up in the thread “losing faith in mankind:(” is a real eye opener.


I feel lucky to know I can go talk to the beekeeper and see his hives and operation at anytime for where my honey comes from. Maybe it’s because I’m in Western Nebraska (USA) and it’s a lot of small farmers and business around here plus if one person is cause “cheating” everyone in the region will know pretty quickly (even before FB) LOL

Seen a couple business and construction companies meet that kind of fate.


My personal opinion is Manuka has very acquired taste…I find it is pretty funny tasting stuff and would not buy it except for wounds, but the Kiwi’s reckon it has the greatest taste. I guess its what you get used to.