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Full Flow Building Instructions?


Received my earlybird full Flow today and there’s no building instructions in the box. I have searched the forums and not seeing a link to a page where this can be found. Really anxious to put it all together - I may be blind in my excitement but can someone put the link to where I can find the instructions please


It comes inside the screened bottom board, hiding behind the white plastic screen, easy to miss. Check there first.
There is a video and PDF for assembling the flow super here:
I’m just chasing the full digital assembly guide which I’ll make available too.


Found it! Thank you :smiley:


I can see you found your instructions.

But for any other customer needing building instructions - we are able to provide them if you email customer service - http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3 and include your order number or the email address you used when you ordered.

The reason they are not provided online is because we had some knock-offs providing incomplete building instructions to their customers (based on our manuals) - who were then contacting us, but it was not our product or instructions that they were enquiring about.

We are only providing our building instructions to our customers of our genuine product.

Sorry if this causes any problems for people, we are just trying to find the best solution for everyone.


Thanks for this forum posting; I had the same issue, but found the answer here just before I posted my own question. Yay! Would like to see a building video for a Full Flow too, if anyone cares to post one. Our toddler likes all the videos (I do too).