Getting ready for the autumn/winter

:+1: 10 points. You’re getting better Fred, noice one. :blush:

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It’s a fun game. let’s not turn it into a job :joy:

Getting ready for the season ahead :wink:

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Hi All,

I was able to do my inspection this past weekend, it turns out that the bees have filled and capped the three center flow frames. When I remove the roof and the cover I can see inside but did not remove the flow frames the box was very heavy.

When I opened up the brood box to my surprise all of the frames were completely filled out, the two outer frames which gives the bees 4 frames of honey were completely full of honey, working my way from the inside out the last frames before the frames that are forward honey one side was also full of honey.

There was a lot of nectar Hollyn and capped brood I didn’t see a lot of drone brood. So what my plan because I believe there is enough room in the brood box I will not install the medium brood box and I will remove the flow Super in the next week or so and just leave the main brood box for the winter.


Nice looking frames Mike but a little deceptive when there is the same frames show twice three times. Excellent heavy frames of capped worker brood. Maybe the colony think there is still good foraging before Winter sets in.

Hi Peter,

Did I duplicate the photos, I will take a look they all look alike to me. It seems like they are doing very well. Do you think it’s a wise decision not to add an additional brood box, although they are doing well the hive does not seem to be packed.

Now, come spring I may need to split the hive but I just want to give them the best chance to make it through the winter.

Michael Smart,

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With you going onto Winter isn’t the time to add an extra brood box, that is a job for Spring time if you want to go in that direction. I would check with local bee keepers if they use single or double brood hives and the major consideration is your Winter climate, a double brood hive survives a long cold Winter better but also needs more Winter stores.